The regulations came into force on 25 May along with the Data Protection Act 2018.

We have our own qualified GDPR practitioner to give full advice and assistance (consultancy) in ensuring you are fully compliant.

There has been a hive of activity in the media prior to the implantation date and afterwards some high profile cases in the spotlight over misusing data.

The Public are now much more aware and the statistics from the information Commission reflect this – over 30,000 more calls in a three month period.

Some media reports are calling this the New PPI ?

Only recently the Court of Appeal valued damages and distress where there has been a data breach. In the case an online spreadsheet containing data relating to asylum seekers and their families had been disclosed. The Court decided compensation in the sum of £12,500.

  • Are your systems/ processes and staff up to date with the new GDPR obligations.


Friendly, reassuring, professional and gave me good advice and options throughout the claim. I always felt when I called that my call was important.


Have the correct notices been given to staff and customers

A failure to do so could amount to a fine. We can provide consultancy and documents to ensure you are not at risk from prosecution.

  • Privacy Notice for your employees/temporary workers
  • Notice for candidates applying for jobs
  • Privacy policy for customers/clients suppliers.
  • GDPR policy for staff
  • Record of processing
  • Retention schedule
  • Data breach record

If you outsource data you will need:

  • Processing agreement or a Data Sharing agreement