Employment Tribunals claims more than doubled

According to the Ministry of Justice, in September this year the number of Employment Tribunals claims more than doubled when compared with the same quarter in 2017, up by 10,996 which meant the caseload rose by 130%. In just one quarter.

Breaking these figures down.

The number of cases:-

  • Received between January and March compared to the same quarter in 2017/18 increased by 118%
  • There has also been a 16% quarter-on-quarter increase in single claims – in Q3 2017/18, 7,957 claims were received whereas 9,252 claims were received in Q4 2017/18
  • Cases are increasing – The total number of claims made in the 2017/2018 financial year was 109,706, which is the first time the figure has topped 100,000 since 2013
  • An average of 421 claims were made per working day in this period.
  • On average, 66 of those claims made per day were unfair dismissal claims.
  • Which means the remainder were complex high value discrimination cases.

It is important for members to take note.

Are members procedurally dealing with staff issues effectively? Now that Christmas is just around the corner a disgruntled member of staff will not think twice about putting in an Employment Tribunal claim for compensation. How do you know the claim has merits and the compensation claimed is too high?

The number of cases coming through to us does not correlate to the true picture out in the commercial world.  These figures indicate that perhaps members are not entirely sure or are confused about what cover they have through their membership with the Chambers. They could be paying solicitor’s costs when in fact they may be covered through insurance.

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